Mission-focused SIGINT solutions and Multi-INT analytics for the Intelligence and Defense Communities

n~ask provides mission-focused solutions for the Intelligence and Defense Communities. We design, develop, and implement breakthrough digital signal processing applications, analyst tools, and supporting architectures; We are recognized leaders and acknowledged pioneers in the fields of geolocation and analytic tradecraft.

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n~ask deploys personnel globally for on-site development and analytics; supporting satellite, airborne, and terrestrial environments. We designed and developed the applications that form the basis for most of the geolocation platforms currently in use in the community.

In addition to our catalog, which includes an assortment of existing SIGINT capabilities and solutions, we embrace agile methodologies to respond to QRCs and rapid prototyping requests based on our customers' unique needs.

Our legacy in the intelligence arena has facilitated a unique understanding of Analytic Tradecraft and User Driven Analytics. We led the development of the JEMA (Joint Enterprise Modeling and Analytics) framework for the Intelligence Community, and continue to provide maintenance, development, outreach, analytic support, and training.

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We offer revolutionary technical solutions, along with ground-breaking geolocation applications and engineering services.

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